About One Island One Journey

Back in 2013, Fernando Samalot made a promise to himself that before traveling the rest of the world he first had to explore and connect with his own motherland, Puerto Rico. The following year, he crossed paths with visual artist Bárbara Cruz and the pair have been co-creating ever since. Finally, in November 2015, the original dream of traveling non-stop across the island finally became a reality.

This journey is one of connection more than anything. A journey to the heart and essence of our land.  Beyond photographing and documenting the endless beautiful landscapes we find, we also seek to highlight some of the amazing people we meet along the way.

Without a doubt this is the most important journey of our lives and it fills us with joy to be able to share it with you.

About Fernando

Fernando is one of the island's most renowned mobile-photographers. Known as @simonebirch on social media, he treats his work with the same love he feels for nature, always being mindful of presenting it in a way that is respectful and charged with a message of conservation.  A founding member of the environmental group, La Tribu Contribuye, he hopes to instill this sense of respect and admiration for the natural world in everyone who appreciates his work. Besides photography and video, Fernando also has a huge passion for music and the healing arts.

About Bárbara

Bárbara's many roles in their project is crucial, often serving as videographer, muse, model, producer, editor and everything in between. A lover of all living creatures, specially their white deaf puppy, Nube Sordita, and always having an eye for details, her work is filled with the presence of animals, flowers and the often overlooked sublime beauty you can find in nature. She goes by @aymishi on social media.